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 When life seems hopeless where does one turn to find hope or even happiness?

After years of denial, I found hope and inspiration at the lowest point in my life. That event was In September 2001, the breaking point where I faced a major decision, The options were to either live my life or to end it by suicide. My decision to ask, no actually,  demand help is also when the realization set in that no one was to blame for my life's outcome, especially my past.

My life is NOT a pity story by any means. When I wrote my book, it is a story of hope, inspiration and motivation designed  to help you realize that YOU have all the power in your life; regardless of past circumstances or even how things are right now. Yes, you can decide to have a serious Reality Check and Get Out of Your Own Way just as I did!

Inside my book is history as I saw it and  experienced it.  How I crafted a new life, the life of my dreams and the my top three tools I used to define what happyness & success is. So that you too can create the life you deserve.

Why?  Because 

"You Deserve The Best!"

Don't be defined by your past, present and create the future you deserve!  

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