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Who is Serena?

How I Got Out Of My Own Way Book, Serena Dallas, Professional Speaker.

Serena Dallas has over 16 years in the personal development industry.  She has been featured online in such places as the HuffPost and BarterEntrepreneur.  She has been sought after for her to share her unique style of upfront dialogue including the Power of Choice and her desire for each individual to live a life of Outrageous HappYness.

She is also the author of “How I Got Out of My Own Way ~ My Journey from Hopeless to HappYness”.  One of her greatest joys is to have one of her personal mentors John Grey of  “Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus”  personally endorse her book!  She will be featured in November 2018 in a compilation book titled  “My Journey – My Journal”  by Expert Insights Publishing. 

She has personal experiences in dealing with extremely negative environments which have propelled her to learn to have courage and a desire to have a life full of meaning.  All of this has created the backdrop and a deep focus on intention by providing value to every word written and spoken.  After hearing her speak or read her books, you will get a clear sense that you too will have no more self-imposed limitations.  You won't simply be inspired,  instead,  you will be encouraged to create your life that is beyond your wildest expectations.  Her mantra is that you should never allow the past, the present or anyone else for that matter,  define you.  

Every day you have the greatest opportunities ahead of you.  Her favourite author wrote, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” - Napoleon Hill.  She anticipates failure so that she can reap the rewards of success.

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