My Story

My past was traumatic, and yes....real hard

So much was out of my control, yet I always felt that there was something bigger than me & the circumstances of my life.  I had a voice, but no way to use it.  and just like the bracelet I wear every day, I KNOW my story isn't over yet.  My journey has taught me something profound.  I learned that  you have the power to NOT be defined by your past.  To NOT even be held hostage to today.   Yes, you have an opportunity  to grow into tomorrow.

I learned about freedom, success & my voice in my 30's

Yes, in my 30's. Why did it take so damn long?  Only when I accepted responsibility for my life did I see what I was missing.  Ironically, the real journey started when my life really fell apart.  Then and only then is when I learned,  I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.  Ultimately, I am also responsible for my own life.  So are you.  It is never too late or too early to learn to grow; to use your voice and take responsibility. Why?   So you can move into the life you deserve.

"Make today ridiculously amazing"

Happyness "IS" a choice & yes, dreams do come true

Be Different, Be You and use whatever means necessary to do that.  You can use a variety of motivational messages, reading inspirational books, personalized coaching, and even very short quotes.  They can make all the difference in your life.  In all of these, the point is to remember that ...

  • You have a VOICE
  • You have all the CONTROL 
  • You have the POWER
  • The choice is yours to make

I say this because, in all everything I do, my single purpose is to give a voice to those around me.  I realized years ago that when I was younger, I didn't  have the opportunity to have a voice and THAT is what has motivated me as an adult.  I now focus on inspiring and motivating those who desire to speak up or out  to give power to their voice.  I want to reach the world  and spread the word that YES we can overcome.  YES we can become whatever is secretly hiding inside of ourselves both personally & professionally.  

Let's stop judging the book before we find out what's the story is INSIDE!

My whole point is to inspire Outrageous HappYness  because you deserve to Live Life On Your Terms"